Revitalizing 21st century pedagogy, BSEd IV Math class initiated eMath seminar

by: Joeblas S. Diaz

IMG_0395Attended by all fourth year Bachelor of Elementary Education students, the seminar and workshop on Seminar on Technology in Mathematics was held September 24, 2015 at Northwestern Visayan Colleges’ computer laboratory.  

This seminar’s theme eMath in the 21st century learning aimed at maximizing the use of scientific calculator as well as introducing the use of Math software such Continue reading

Two full papers for 2015 ICICT, Dubai, UAE accepted for publication and oral presentation

notice of acceptance“Congratulations! The review processes for 2015 International Conference on Information and Computer Technology (ICICT 2015) has been completed. The conference received submissions from 36 different countries and regions, which were reviewed by international experts, and about 30 papers have been selected for presentation and publication. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers and the Technical Program Committees, we are pleased to inform you that your paper identified above has been accepted for publication and oral presentation. You are cordially invited to present the paper orally at ICICT to be held in Dubai, UAE during November 12-13, 2015.” Continue reading

J. Diaz presents research paper in RTD on PeLS’ 2nd International Congress on eLearning 2015

Realizing the mission of Northwestern Visayan Colleges and Computer Science department’s initiative to promote the culture of research, Mr. Joeblas S. Diaz, assistant program head of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science was sent as the school’s participant and paper presenter in a round table discussion during the 2nd International Congress on eLearning 2015 held on September 17-18, 2015 at Intercontinental Manila, Makati City. Continue reading